I like to think of a house as a blank page, an empty book – boundless, full of possibilities - a story wanting to be written, a tale waiting to be told.

My job is like that of a journalist – to investigate your personal story. It’s only with this information that I can design an immersive narrative, one in which you will want to live, to celebrate and relax – one that reflects you and your unique story.

my experience allows me to act as a sort of wayfarer, a design guide if you will. Someone who is completely immersed into the world of design and who loves to share. I find great joy in introducing, advising and educating clients into this beautiful world that I am lucky enough to call home.

I draw upon a decade of experience, working on notable projects that have resulted in some exceptionally beautiful outcomes. This time has also allowed me to form a network of local and international suppliers and craftspeople, many of whom I am lucky enough to now call friends.

My aim is to be recognised as a warm and welcoming curator of fine furniture, art, objects and lighting, and I welcome the opportunity to exercise this curatorial role. Past clients often remark on my friendly process, my calmness and my considered approach. I hope you will feel the same.

I see the design process as a very personal journey and my working paradigm allows me to celebrate my true nature, my core values and ultimately transform spaces and that might just enrich the lives of those who live within them. Being a creative, my skillset is hard to define. I am a designer. I am a stylist. I am an editor. I am a writer. I am a curator.


I am Simone Haag.