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armadale II

With a prime motivation of creating spaces that personify their owners’, Simone Haag’s work on this home does just that. It is layered with originality, colour, tone and texture. There is a sense of honesty and originality as the practical, liveable and simply beautiful all reside together. 

I loved how my client was extraordinarily honest throughout this process - she opened up her home to us and openly shared her and her husband’s way of life and how they wanted to live. I am thrilled that the home is testament to her personality and their preferences
— Simone Haag

One of the biggest transformations throughout this house was the master suite. Layered up with palette, textiles and curtains, It now has groupings of furniture pieces that allow for different ‘moments’ within the space.

Shortlisted - 2019 Idea Awards - Residential Decoration

PHOTOGRAPHY: mark roper