“Simone Haag is one of those people you would kill to have on your team. She is supremely professional, preternaturally stylish and has a disposition that can charm birds out of the trees.

As a former member of one of Australia’s best design firms, Hecker & Guthrie, she enthusiastically promoted and polished projects (all given her style sparkle) to relevant media, whose trust and respect she effortlessly earned.

If she wasn’t so gifted as an aesthete, marketer and diplomat, she would be imminently suited to life in an Australian embassy (Paris or Rome would revel in her holistic charm).

Best of all, Simone can intuit the future before it shapes. She gets the great indefinable ‘it’; that next-wave of wonderment that we, in magazine land, spend our days trying to second-guess. I can’t wait to see where her style journey leads…”


Annemarie Kiely

Melbourne Editor

Vogue Living