sorrento residence

Ensconced in the seaside town of Sorrento, on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula is a small family beach shack affectionately named Montauk.
The clients engaged Simone to work alongside their builder and landscape architect to oversee all areas of their redesign right down to the furniture and styling.

In the past we made the mistake of buying things that were nice individually, but collectively they didn’t work together. This time we left everything to Simone, and it became clear that whilst we know what we like, we can’t take a room from empty to amazing like Simone can.

The home exudes a costal earthiness. It is crisp, light and textural but above all else, conducive to a relaxed way of life for this family of 6. The home was recently published in the Jan 18 issue of Real Living Magazine.

PHOTOGRAPHY: fi storey