Bastard Studio - Friends

Bastard is the Melbourne-based ceramic studio of German artist Astrid Salomon. It was created in 2020 as a result of her ongoing obsession to work with clay. Allowing herself to explore a tangible commenting on the human condition. Astrid creates a small number of collection pieces, which relate to each other like family members with a large amount of cousins, distant aunts and forgotten uncles. Born in east Germany, she later lived in Berlin, Hamburg , Sydney and NewYork. First studied Photography and worked as a Fashion Photographer for many years, then turning to directing. All the while she was painting, writing and experimenting with clay. She is now at home in Melbourne, Australia since 2018 and works on her ceramic collections as well as a director and photographer. Astrid has a playful approach to her art, which is about exploring different angles through a limited body of work. Her ceramic practice mixes wheel-work and hand building techniques.

Sometimes functional, mostly sculptural, but never same same.

Year: Current
Origin: Australia
Composition: Stoneware with glaze
Dimensions: Various sizes available