Team Simone Haag

Dylan James

Our client, the creative agency PLAYGROUND, commissioned us to design the client-facing areas of their new office space. Committed to challenging the status quo, the client gave us creative freedom to design a series of spaces that would reinforce their brand which is playful, discerning and innovative.

We worked on four distinct areas - an open plan 'library', a small, private seating area, a meeting room and a boardroom and conceived of each space as personal and unique, echoing our approach to residential design. We selected some absolutely standout vintage pieces - like the stunning, space age Sphere chair by Boris Tabacoff - and paired them with work by emerging and established Australian designers. 

"It was so interesting being on the other side of the coin as a client and having concepts presented to us. When I saw what the team had in mind, I honestly had no idea how it would come together but I really trusted their vision because we worked well together from the start."

~ Sally Dobel

"Clients love the space because it feels less like an office and more like a home. The staff feel a sense of ownership because they were involved in the process. The new space really ticks the boxes functionally but feels far from boring and corporate. Instead we have a place that reflects us."

~ Sally Dobel