Nicholas Murray Architects


Studio Aperçu

Armelle Habib

Sarah Shinners/Simone Haag

The East Melbourne project was a collaboration with our client Liz Hall of Studio Apercu and Nicholas Murray Architects. Liz had a sound understanding of the nuances of  palette and texture. Inviting fresh eyes on the decoration component of the project, she encouraged us to make bold choices in the field of furniture; to invest in one off vintage pieces and to curate artwork, sculpture and object as part of the commission.

Throughout this process, Simone Haag shepherded the client as they outfitted the spaces together. Negative space highlighted the object’s individuality – from Italian vintage Z shaped bar trolleys to the Australian Featherstone chairs – the sourcing has cast a wide net. A cohesive collaboration with a client who had a readiness to launch into the process and tenacious decisiveness resulted in an elegant outcome that the whole team can celebrate.

Having completed the build of our new home, but requiring assistance with the ‘finishing touch’ that perfectly curated furniture and accessories would bring, Simone was the obvious choice.

~ Clients (Liz Hall & Gavin Wright)

This project was shortlisted in the  2020 Interior Design Excellence Awards - Residential Decoration Category.

Simone and her team were a delight to work with - fun, responsive and with an eye for exquisite pieces that married elegance and functionality and complemented our spaces beautifully.

~ Clients (Liz Hall & Gavin Wright)