Behind every good design is an even better story. Explore the narratives that shaped some of our favourite projects.


“We got Sim on during construction so there was scope for her to assist with fittings. Sometimes, when you work with an interior designer there is an outside house and an inside house. That didn’t happen here. She had input on internal joinery finishes, carpets, curtains and lights. It adds an amazing level of finesse we would never have been able to achieve otherwise.”

~ Dom Pandolfini, Architect


Having worked with the client twice previously, as well as with Angela Harry, we were able to reunite a well-oiled team that serendipitously had an all female constellation - something we all embraced. It was also a direction that fitted with the delicate ornamentation of the Federation home, the meticulous attention to detail Angela had paid to the restoration of its heritage features and the decision to canvas its walls in soft nudes and greys that drew short of being overly feminine while casting it firmly in that direction.


Surrounded by four family members who live on the same street, another family home behind and various aunts, uncles, godparents and cousins a stones throw away, the current iteration is an elegantly resolved, light-drenched home which mediates perfectly between large informal gatherings of friends and family and a discerning appreciation for antipodean design, personal sentimentality and art.

Weeroona House

Hawthorn House called for an interior transformation that would blend two influences - the architectural language of a home which mediates between rich Federation Queen Anne heritage and overt contemporary innovation by Neil Architecture, and the wishes of clients with a predilection for eclectic pieces that simmer with narrative.

Fenwick House

Fenwick House has found its spirit through tailored interior decoration ensembles that harmonise with a modernist inspired architectural essence instilled by Edition Office, an interior design language by Flack Studio that conjures a tangible sense of place through its accord with the surrounding landscape, and the culmination of a long-standing client relationship.

Whiskey Room

Our clients were a family of peripatetic travellers who had returned home to Australia. Despite having three adult children, they had purchased a large, Victorian home, with the aim of spending quality time as a family before becoming empty nesters.

Toorak Residence

Repeat clients are a glowing testament to the calibre of our work and the exceptional dedication of our team. The owners of this Toorak house had worked with us on two prior occasions.


Our client approached us in the process of designing and building a forever home for her young family.


This project marked the first commercial design undertaken by the studio, presenting new design opportunities. Our client, the creative agency PLAYGROUND, are driven to inspire and challenge their clients.


Despite the challenges in place, they remained invested and trusting in equal parts; sharing the journey with us but also deferring to the Simone Haag team to take a strong design lead.

House of Zen

Our client is a global nomad, having lived in over ten cities. On the verge of a cross-continental move to Melbourne, she engaged our services whilst still living in the US. It became clear quite quickly that we’d need to forge an immediate connection in order to assist with editing her sizeable - and eclectic - collection of furniture and art before the family’s relocation.

Hampton House

Fiona Cole had always marvelled at the proportions and character of this grand Victorian house in Hampton.

Garden House

This project was the result of a close collaboration with our clients, Austin Maynard Architects and Eckerly Garden Architecture. We relish the opportunity to be brought on at the outset of a project. It means that we can  create a cohesive design outcome.

Fenwick Apartment

So much of what we do involves an ongoing process of getting to know and understand our clients. It forms the core of our work because it informs our highly personalised approach to place-making.

East Melbourne

A recent design graduate, our client had a sound understanding of the nuances of palette and texture as well as a tenacious decisiveness. Throughout this process, we were inspired by our client’s commitment to investing in one-off vintage pieces. 

Cliff Top House

This coastal project brought us together with one of our most endearing clients, an older gentleman who commissioned us to furnish his Balnarring beach house. 


We delight in working with repeat clients. We draw on valuable and intimate insights from past interactions and continue to build on well established, mutual trust.