A Close Collaboration

Having already completed the construction and design of an immaculate new home, our client engaged us to add the “finishing touch” to the interiors. 

“I sought a designer who could help me curate a perfect mix of furniture, art and accessories. When I saw Simone’s work, I knew that it needed to be her. Her skill in mixing contemporary and vintage pieces is impeccable. "

~ Liz Hall / Director, Studio Aperçu (client)

A recent design graduate, our client had a sound understanding of the nuances of palette and texture as well as a tenacious decisiveness. Throughout this process, we were inspired by our client’s commitment to investing in one-off vintage pieces. From an Italian vintage Z-shaped bar trolley to the sculptural Australian Featherstone dining chairs, each element commands attention in this home. 

Simone always sees her role as educative, but this project took that a step further, with Simone developing a mentorship role, offering the client unique insights into the industry. A genuine process of co-curation on this project fuelled a richly collaborative working relationship and a cohesive and dynamic outcome.

"After working with Simone, Sarah and the team, I deepened my appreciation for their work and the work of professionals. People underestimate how much expertise they bring. The team also had an invaluable roster of industry contacts, which meant that we could source some very distinctive - and unexpected - pieces. By being open to my style and by bouncing around ideas, we were able to create a home that we absolutely love."

~ Liz

Shortlist - 2020 Interior Design Excellence Awards - Residential Decoration

Shortlist - 2020 Interior Design Excellence Awards - Residential Decoration