Repeat clients are a glowing testament to the calibre of our work and the exceptional dedication of our team. The owners of this Toorak house had worked with us on two prior occasions. In the process of designing their former home and beach house, we had developed a solid and trusting relationship. Whilst we drew on existing insights into their  style and day to day needs, we were also acutely aware that this new house presented a completely new flow and aesthetic. Designed by Workroom Architects, the house is architecturally bold and grand in scale and necessitated making some intrepid design moves.

"We engaged Simone and her team on this project without hesitation. We learned the hard way that you can’t try replicate the looks you see in magazines. When you engage a creative person, you have to fully trust their expertise. Even though we didn’t always understand Simone’s intentions at first, we were constantly amazed at how she managed to pull everything together so incredibly well."

~ Chris  Karagounis (client)

The clients sought an interior scheme that had warmth and character to counteract the masculine elements of steel, concrete and stone. They wanted a solution that wasn’t loud and pretentious but rather one that was grounded, understated with presence. We selected pieces that had gravitas and brought warmth and texture to the space. These include the extraordinary Busnelli armchair and Martinelli table lamp whose soft and fluid lines are perfectly juxtaposed against the brutalist architecture.

"The magic of Simone is that she doesn’t subscribe to one kind of style. She really gets to know her clients and make suggestions that work for every context. The house really has an emotional impact on people. You can’t put your finger on one element. It’s the whole package."

~ Chris