Our client is a global nomad, having lived in over ten cities. On the verge of a cross-continental move to Melbourne, she engaged our services whilst still living in the US. It became clear quite quickly that we’d need to forge an immediate connection in order to assist with editing her sizeable - and eclectic - collection of furniture and art before the family’s relocation.

"The brief was industrial beach. I dreamt of an artsy, warehouse-style, family home featuring my favourite beaches in the world, lots of colour and integrating my love of fashion."

~ Cheryl Mainland (client)

Most often, our clients are tentative with colour and err on the side of caution. With this client, no colour was too bright and no pattern combination too outrageous. It was an amazing reminder of how, as stylists, it is our role to curate a collection of pieces that are unique to our clients’ brief and personalities.

This project also involved activating a number of under-utilised and awkward spaces in the house. By truly understanding how our multi-tasking client and her young children utilised space - and by using bold and unexpected furniture choices - we were able to create distinctly different “living" rooms throughout the house. We also added much-needed character to existing spaces that just felt bland by comparison. The result is a richly layered home that authentically defines our client’s unique style and personal history.

"This wasn’t an easy project. Simone and the team had to incorporate my randomness, my obsession with colour and clashing prints and my strong opinions; but to their credit they have managed to create a house that I am truly obsessed with. I’ve lived in many houses across many cities, but this is the first time that I’ve actually felt that this is home."

~ Cheryl

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