Lea Mestres – Bubble’ armchair

Léa Mestres is a young French designer born in Paris in 1992. After a few years studying in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, she set up her studio in Paris. In Léa's work, the line drawing leaves to the imagination a field of unlimited possibilities: it is a lacunar drawing, without real information, it shows neither scale, nor colour, nor materials, nor even perspective. Humour marks Léa's imagination. Her drawing wants to be free, the object evolves throughout the manufacturing process, this creation is a liberating moment.

An abstract line gives a general image, its interpretation is specific to each person. It is this two dimensional form that then materializes to become an instinctive and personal object. By forbidding herself any restriction, Léa confronts each creation with a challenge that takes her design work to the frontiers of sculpture. Colour and textures characterise her work, whether through the Bubble series, where solid and soft are unexpectedly associated, or through works made in plaster, which allows her to evolve with absolute freedom in her proposals. Inspired by Niki de Saint Phalle for colour and joy, and by Wendell Castle for the powerful asymmetry and tension in the object, Léa builds a world of her own and very unique.

Year: 2019
Origin: France
Composition: Resin and fiberglass
Dimensions: On request