Simone Haag

“Simone Haag is one of those people you would kill to have on your team. She is supremely professional, preternaturally stylish and has a disposition that can charm birds out of the trees. As a former member of one of Australia’s best design firms, she enthusiastically promoted and polished projects (all given her style sparkle) to relevant media, whose trust and respect she effortlessly earned.

Best of all, Simone can intuit the future before it shapes. She gets the great indefinable ‘it’; that next-wave of wonderment that we, in magazine land, spend our days trying to second-guess. I can’t wait to see where her style journey leads…”

— Annemarie Kiely, Melbourne editor, Vogue Living


The projects from the Simone Haag studio are developed embracing the core values of Discovery, Connection, Significance and Belief. The design team discover memories and make memorable moments. They seek meaningful and inspiring connections in all that they curate and create. 


With a wealth of design accolades, a portfolio of exceptional projects and a roster of enviable clients, Simone Haag is considered one of Australia’s preeminent designers. Bringing considerable experience and singular vision to every project, Simone defines new boundaries in design. Her extraordinary skill in producing enduring interiors that overlay distinctive vintage pieces, contemporary design and her clients’ personal narratives, define her signature aesthetic.

Design Anthology’s Editor-in-chief Suzy Annetta sits down with Simone Haag for a conversation about starting out, building her practise and taking her knowledge and contacts on the road. 


Object presents a collection of exceptional vintage and contemporary collectibles directly available through Simone Haag. 



Behind every good design is an even better story. Explore the narratives that shaped some of our favourite projects and hear about the journey from the client point of view.

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A veritable design influencer and aesthete, Simone is regularly invited for commentary within the design industry. She has served on numerous design juries including the IDEA and GOYTA awards, was shortlisted as Belle Emerging Designer of the Year (2020) and IDEA Designer of the Year (2022). She is an ambassador for distinguished brands including Lavazza, Samsung, Tint, Mecca Cosmetica and Tacchini.

Inspired by the lessons gleaned in her early career, Simone has also committed to mentoring emerging designers and her solid reputation in the industry landed her a presenter role on the TV show, Dream Homes Revealed on 9 Life. Her projects are regularly featured in Australian design award shortlists and in premium publications including Elle Decoration UK, Domino, Belle, Vogue Living and Real Living.