Team Simone Haag

Elisa Watson

The Simone Haag team were invited by the owners of Mazzei to assist in the styling of their marquee property in Canterbury. Working with a client who openly admitted “loving anything as long as it was grey “, presented us with the opportunity to quietly coerce them in to making some bolder choices.

The result is a restrained selection of furniture, art and object that speaks to this Victorian home in a contemporary manner. 

"Simone and her team are unchallenged in their knowledge of the design world. Simone is unique in her approach, producing interiors that are never the same but have a connection straight back to the client. She is an oracle of knowledge in the design world. Having the opportunity to work with her as she shared her process to curate beautiful pieces of furniture, lighting and objects for our home was indulgent and a highlight for Mazzei."

~ Daniel Mazzei