Fi Storey

Simone Haag Team

2022 Australian Interior Design Awards – Shortlisted Residential Decoration

This house presented an unusual brief. Our clients had purchased a beautiful Victorian home that had been destined for demolition by local developers. Determined to not only save the house, but to bring it firmly back to life, our clients painstakingly restored and updated it in its entirety. They then commissioned us to furnish it, with the intent to sell it as a turnkey home. However this was no ordinary style-to-sell project. Our clients sought an eclectic assemblage of furniture, art and objects to accentuate the home’s extraordinary pedigree and relied heavily on our sourcing expertise and narrative approach to design.

Key pieces include a unique Italian vintage entrance console in a punchy green, which sets the tone for the unexpected mix of furniture, art and object throughout the house. The focus room - the “library” - features numerous vintage pieces including a re-upholstered, three-legged Giovanni Offredi 'Sail' Chair. A steel etagere serves as the perfect repository for books and objects. The living space is also home to a highly considered collection of elevated pieces including a stunning Verner Panton rocking chair, a Fomu table in a custom finish, a striped Tigmi bench and a Yo-Yo table lamp.

"Simone is not afraid to challenge the norm, to push the boundaries, to take risks. I had 100% confidence in her expertise and consciously took the decision to withdraw from the majority of the decision-making process. You just have to let her be the artist that she is. Every piece in this home, forms part of the story and showcases this beautiful house in its absolutely best light."

~ Fiona Cole (client)