Eat Bathe Live

Dylan James

Team Simone Haag

Our recently completed Armadale residence was furnished for a fun, yoga-loving client. Her brief was "industrial beach"and the home tells a narrative of her love of colour and travel.

Most often our clients are tentative with colour and err on the side of caution. With this client, no colour was too bright and no pattern combination was too outrageous. It was an amazing reminder of how as stylists, it is our role to curate a collection of pieces that are unique to our clients’ brief and personalities.

I dreamt of an artsy, warehouse-style, family home featuring my favourite beaches in the world: Hong Kong, LA, Goa, Bali, Bondi, Sri Lanka, lots of colour and integrating my love of fashion. Simone and the team nailed it!

~ Cheryl Mainland