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Simone Haag 


Timothy Kaye

Shortlisted - Colour

Awarded Gold for Residential Interior Design

Fenwick Apartment provided us with the opportunity to work a client who was as inspired by the journey of design as he was of the final result. Having never really explored the world of interiors, he tasked us with exposing him to a broad range of possibilities in both furniture, object and experience.

When you invest heavily in a home, it can be very easy to underinvest in both time and money on the furnishings. Despite it being the first time that I had ever done anything like this, I knew that I had to take a leap of faith. In my work with musicians, I know that artists who dont take risks, dont get anywhere so I specifically asked Simone and the team to push me well out of my comfort zone.

~ Client

Our client had purchased an apartment in the architecturally revered Fenwick development and wanted to create an interior that really reflected his taste and lifestyle. Inspired by the impeccable architecture, beautiful natural backdrop and a client with a strong penchant for risk-risking, we created a scheme that is highly individualised and one that pushed boundaries in the realm of colour theory.

The first task on this project involved reselecting the finishes to feel more in line with the client’s request for a “Mad Men” look and feel. We responded with the specification of jade marble and warm timber tones in the kitchen and a standout blue and pink-hued stone in the guest bathroom.

The moody, jewel tones extend into the dining room which features a custom kidney-shaped dining table flanked by eight completely different dining chairs including a . A bold decision to run the rug through the living and dining space proved to be a significant one as it unites the furniture elements and gives the illusion of greater space. An unexpected mustard colour scheme in the bedroom and a blue-hued study add extra mood to the overall aesthetic.

The interior really reflects me as a human being whilst also elevating the architecture. Every piece is special in its own right. I was pushed in all senses on this project and it really paid off.

~ Client