Edition Office


Flack Studio

Team Simone Haag 

Eckersley Garden Architecture

Lillie Thompson

2023 AIDA 
Shortlisted - Residential Decoration

Shortlisted - Colour
Shortlisted - Residential Interior Curation

Fenwick House has emerged via a gently unfolding narrative that begins with the modernist architectural legacy instilled within its locale in the 1940’s. Culminating in a home that respectfully resurrects the pillars of midcentury architecture — expansive use of glazing, minimal adornment and a tangible equilibrium between landscape and architecture — a haven has been coaxed within the undulating topography of a singular pocket of Kew, Melbourne.

A consolidation of what was originally two homes designed by Edition Office and Flack Studio, Fenwick House harnesses an aesthetic that reconciles landscape, architecture, interior design and interior decoration with Simone Haag bringing rhyme and reason to a home that celebrates all the defining characteristics of its site and its mid-century story which drew the clients to it. Through furniture, lighting, artwork, textiles and decorative objects Simone Haag has channeled both the surrounding context and the clients personalities to cultivate a home that inherently draws together a family of 7 (of which 5 live within it).

Across four floors (two above and two below ground), Fenwick House exudes a warm, haloed ambiance. A sophisticated interior defined by a luminous palette, a collection of sculptural furniture pieces in calcified tones, and a curation of artworks that gently refer to nature through colour, composition and materiality have created a forever home for a family recently returned from overseas, their lives momentarily interrupted by the pandemic. Unfolding from an original electric blue hue in an artwork by Naarm-based artist Alice Wormald, the home has evolved, touching lightly on eclecticism yet tempered by a deeply domestic context and a graceful poise.

Accented by occasional bolts of the original blue, custom textiles in myriad textures and patterns ranging from geometric to organic origami silhouettes bestow authenticity and character while consoles lacquered in glossy gold leaf, tactile surfaces, lighting embellishments and expressive details draw deeper inquiry with all unified by the dance of natural light that falls upon them.

Fenwick House acknowledges an order of magnitude where the patterns of living and clean noble hues reign and where each space has been adorned with furniture and objects that enrich the comprehensive experience of the home to reconcile architecture, interiors and landscape with the essentials that make up the theatre of living.

“I’ve always loved Simone’s eye for detail. I think she is incredibly intuitive. She has the ability to reveal parts of your personality in an interior without you even knowing they exist. It’s quite a revelation!”

“We were ready for a more sophisticated interior, but we wanted all the hallmarks of our life story and family history.”

“She knows my kids, knows our family, knows how important family is to both of us.”

~ Client