SJB Architects

Simone Haag 

Adam Robinson

Alicia Taylor

Located at the heart of Sydney City, this pied-à-terre in Circular Quay for a Melbourne-based couple is defined by considered, customised design gestures and a stylish authenticity.

Situated above a rich milieu of laneways hosting a vibrant array of cafes and restaurants within the Quay Quarter Lanes development, the residence has been designed by architecture studio SJB to reverently balance the spirit of its dense streetscape with the quietness and privacy of apartments elegantly contained within thick walls of Roman ochre brickwork.

Located in one of three residential towers, the Quay Quarters pied-à-terre is a sun-drenched abode of high ceilings, clean lines, noble materials and integrated joinery with its polestar being a captivating panorama of Sydney Harbour. Simone Haag has introduced tempered and timeless character through a curation of furniture, artwork, lighting and objects which find synchronicity with the dynamic urban surroundings.

Having worked with the client numerous times across more than a decade, Simone was largely granted carte blanch, drawing upon past experiences to employ a cathartic process navigating the client’s penchants, preferences and predilections. Respecting their love for indigenous artwork, interior decoration was partly inspired by a painting by Billy Stockman Tjapaltjarri titled ‘Kunja Snake Dreaming’ which dominates the living space with its palette of soft pinks, baby blues, and sepia tones. The prettiness of the pastels within this colour story is leavened by accents of charred timber, organic ceramic forms and monochromatic geometric expressions in its orbit to instil a cultured sense of modernity.

Bringing together pieces from the four corners of the globe, Quay Quarters retains a cohesive charm through a careful modulation of cornerstone, complimentary and custom pieces. A  curved Paolo Castelli sofa accompanies the sumptuous convenience of a Joquer swivel armchair. The sleek resin finish on a Draga and Aurel credenza pulls focus, covertly linking back to the darker tones in Billy’s painting while adapting to function and form through a customisation by Dimitri Vargas who has worked on numerous pieces throughout the apartment. A Hannes Peer dining table, the first of its kind to be specified in Australia, occupies significant and essential space while retaining a visual lightness, despite the physical weight of its stone composition. Baby blue notes carry from the painting, to the coffee table base and into ceramics. Each furniture piece rests lightly upon the floor, giving the impression of elevation and space allowing everything to breathe. This is a part-time home, a place of refined convenience where aspect, atmosphere and location trump the spatial extravagance of a permanent home.

Quay Quarters adheres to the unwritten yet crucial etiquette of a pied-à-terre, commanding a dynamic and cosmopolitan sense of place through its location and striking views while fostering a comforting escapism for those who come and go. It has been woven from intuition and understanding, drawing together pieces that seamlessly cultivate an edited yet engaging home.

"We have worked with Simone a number of times. She knows our aesthetic, knows our style and was able to seamlessly shift a small set of walls with beautiful finishes into an absolutely stunning space! The apartment is very Sydney. It gives just the right balance of stylish and beautiful while still being practical. It’s gracious, timeless, filled with pieces that mediate between a European touch and beautiful contemporary applications."

"It’s like living in the best suite in the best hotel but 100 times better."

~ Client