Tom Robertson Architects

Derek Swalwell

Team Simone Haag

2022 Australian Interior Design Awards: Shortlisted Hospitality Design

We re-joined forces with Architect Tom Robertson and our clients Scotty and Eliza Bemelen on the interior styling of their newly renovated, bed and breakfast in Red Hill, Victoria. Electing to step back from the styling phase of the design process, our clients placed enormous trust in us to create an immersive and welcoming experience for their future guests. Delighted that they had eschewed a farmhouse or super modern aesthetic, synonymous with so many properties of this nature, they looked to us to create an eclectic, layered interior imbued with warmth.

Inspired by the Italian-inspired name of the property - BASSANO - and one of the client’s ties to Italy, we proposed a collection of 1960’s and 70’s Italian items, paired with a curated mix of contemporary components. A spectacular re-issue of the Radiofonographo Stereo, vintage Italian light fixtures and an Annie Hieronymus sofa contrast modern pieces like a side table by artisan Zachary Frankel and a Sarah Ellison-designed Yoko bed.  The overall effect is diverse but cohesive, enhancing the exquisite level of detail in the architecture and interiors.

The space was crafted by Bieemele Projects.

Simone looks at projects holistically and with a narrative eye. Everything is considered and custom. You know that youre going to get something really unexpected.  We absolutely knew that we had to work with her on this project

~ Eliza Bemelen