Our client approached us in the process of designing and building a forever home for her young family. She felt strongly about not only working with a design team whose vision for the house would align with hers but that her house wouldn’t replicate anything anyone had seen before. It also needed to be practical and future-proofed so that it would continue to serve the family as the children got older and their needs evolved.

In the early stages of the project, I started out working with a designer who was making decisions for me and not with me. Simone is a team player. Her work represents the time we are living in. Its warm. It's personal. It is also very, very different from project to project. My tendency is to err on the safe side and even though I love an element of surprise I didn't know how I was going to achieve a unique interior without Simones vision and experience. I knew that Simone would stop me from being predictable and that she would help me create a home that would really represent our family.

~ Client

This was a momentous project that spanned three years and navigated the ups and downs inherent in selecting and procuring furniture, art and object during the pandemic. We worked closely with interior designer Angela Harry who designed all the bathrooms and kitchens and was responsible for all the hard finishes, whilst we focussed on creating both a practical and standout collection of furniture, art and objects, where each piece would speak to the family’s history and their passions and interests.

We see each project as an opportunity to expose our clients to a broader world of design possibilities. Our client was both open-minded and decisive and on more than one occasion surprised us with some of her own unexpected selections. It ultimately made for  a very dynamic collaboration.

~ Simone

The client wanted each room to have a particular feel different from the others and to be flexible in itself so that a variety of activities could take place there. For example, the play room - a subterranean space visible from the glass walkway - was inspired by a particular room in our client’s grandfather’s home, in which the client had fond summertime memories playing games and attending elaborate parties. She wanted to create the same energy and experience for her children and we responded with a selection of whimsical pieces that created a 70’s look and feel. Bootle Arflex dining chairs, a custom ‘Penny Rug’ Whitecliffe set around a Pillar Table from HK Living. In contrast the study has a much more sophisticated air. Two brass-accented, custom desks by Daniel Barbera flank a Depadova Chaise LL04 from DeDeCe. Given the client’s family connection to Persian rug-making, each rug in the project was painstakingly designed to the extent that the rug in the study was fabricated to the highest standards in Iran by Cadry’s.

Simone has such a good eye and makes decisions so naturally and decisively. Her gifts and expertise are so obvious to see when one has worked with other designers who rely on tried and trusted methods and who re-hash the same things. Simone can zhush up a mundane piece to make it look really good. She has access beyond what you see in a store and she showed us so many things we didn't even know that wed like! Simone and the team were also incredible advocates when it came to rectifying any issues when they arose, as they inevitably do. The whole process was so worthwhile and we are so proud of a house that is contemporary but not cold and practical but not predictable.

~ Client

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