So much of what we do involves an ongoing process of getting to know and understand our clients. It forms the core of our work because it informs our highly personalised approach to place-making. Our client had never embarked on a project of this nature before, but rather than feel intimidated, it propelled him to join us in exploration, to take risks and to learn in the process. It’s the kind of working collaboration that we love because it most often leads to an authentic and meaningful result.

Simone took me though a really strong and rigorous briefing process.

She really worked very hard to understand me, in the sense that I am an unusual client. I asked lots of questions and the team showed me lots of things, to better understand what  appealed to me or did not. I asked the team to take risks. I told them that I needed to be scared all the way through because risks most often result in ones best work.

~ Client

The client wanted to switch up the existing interiors in the apartment to set the tone for a “Mad Men” vibe. We don’t typically work on this aspect of design, but we embraced it and it formed a significant part of the overall concept. We selected green marble and warm timber tones in the kitchen and joinery which set the palette for the other warm and moody tones we employed in the furniture, study, bedroom and meditation room.

We took some risks in the living area by opting for different chairs around a kidney-shaped dining table which maximises seating and the view and also creates space where access is needed to the pool. By choosing eight unique chairs, it means that the client enjoys choosing where to sit depending on his mood. He also really enjoys seeing which chairs take the fancy of his guests.

~ Simone

We approached the living and dining area as a composite space that is pulled together by a plush, patterned, custom rug which covers the living and dining area. Two re-upholstered TH Brown Tubular chairs anchor the space. The striking emerald Alexander Street Counter Stools by Man of Parts that round out the kitchen are a definite highlight.

I love that whilst the team were passionate about their recommendation, but they were also not precious about anything. They were willing to work with items I had picked. The sofa is a case in point. It was less salubrious and functional choice for me but they had it re-upholstered in a much more exciting fabric.

~ Client

When it came to the more private realms in the apartment, we leveraged color to reflect our client’s style and personality. A Massimo Castagna chair for Henge and a Gubi Masculo meeting chair are set against a maroon and rich blue canvas in the study and a duo-toned Crown Dining Chair by Massproductions (when you cant make up your mind between one fabric or the other you choose both ~ Simone) are offset against an unexpected mustard-olive canvas.

I created a nickname for Simone - "Golden Eyes". She really has an incredible eye. During the journey, I was taken places that I didnt understand at the time but I knew that I would appreciate them when the project unfolded. Even when it came to the placement of art, my existing pieces   were positioned in unexpected places, which elevated them even more and brought about the perfect tension between all the various elements.

~ Client

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