This coastal project brought us together with one of our most endearing clients, an older gentleman who commissioned us to furnish his Balnarring beach house. The new property sits on the site on the family’s original summer house, which imbued the project with a strong sense of history and nostalgia. Our client wanted to create an enduring legacy for his family. A home that would feel beachy but elegant; with the primary focus on the stunning view. For the most part, we were required to work remotely with both the builder and the client, and thus needed to form a collaborative and trusting relationship at the outset.

We specifically avoided the predictable beach vernacular aesthetic, opting instead for a Japanese and Palm Springs / John Lautner-inspired scheme. Lighting fixtures, a low table and an occasional chair from Karimoku, a Céline Wright Beau Diva round wall sconce in White Japanese paper and Australian artworks from Lens Collective form a calm, tonal look that complements the aesthetic defined by architect Simon Couchman. Vintage elements like the travertine dining table make a surprise appearance, along with the addition of a moody palette for the more private spaces.

The most important part of my house is the view; and so I asked Simone and the team to furnish the house in a quiet way. I feel that they truly understood my approach from the outset because everything they chose is both attractive and functional (and within budget), whilst not detracting from the beautiful view.

Because we were brought in early on the project, we were also able to alter the architecture to ensure that the furniture would sit snugly and comfortably. The beautiful Jardan sofa is a case in point with its gently angles curved perfectly hugging the living room wall.

Despite not meeting Simone and the team face-to-face more than once, they were able to communicate everything so effectively with clear descriptions, samples and photographs. Everything turned out exactly as they described. I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome of this project. I feel that I could not have worked with a more professional team.

~ Client

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