Fenwick House has found its spirit through tailored interior decoration ensembles that harmonise with a modernist inspired architectural essence instilled by Edition Office, an interior design language by Flack Studio that conjures a tangible sense of place through its accord with the surrounding landscape, and the culmination of a long-standing client relationship.

The home has emerged, through the pandemic’s rewriting of many timelines, to anticipate life’s next chapter for the clients, while also providing a sanctuary for the teenage children who still reside there, and a place to nurture time together with the families’ two adult children.

I’ve always loved Simone’s eye for detail. I think she is incredibly intuitive. She has the ability to reveal parts of your personality in an interior without you even knowing they exist. It’s quite a revelation!

We were ready for a more sophisticated interior, but we wanted all the hallmarks of our life story and family history.

She knows my kids, knows our family, knows how important family is to both of us.

~ Client

Leveraging such a strong client relationship led to a deeper understanding of those nuances that differentiate a house from a home. The personal connection drove customer service excellence to deliver a turnkey home to a family that had been somewhat displaced. Guided by an intent to create a home that, despite being brand new, exuded an immediate sense of welcome and nostalgia, interior decoration seamlessly continues the gentle contours and patinated tones of the architecture. Sweeping curves in furniture, artwork and rugs echo the homes undulating facade while colours homage native vistas. While the furnishings remained anchored by the clients personalities and the way they experience the home, an agility has been considered to support the homes future transition as the three remaining children grow and fly the nest.

This was the ultimate project to furnish, combining a long-standing client relationship with a dream team made up of Edition Office, Flack Studio and The Angle..  The clients were extremely trusting and very decisive right from the original concept meeting. Knowing their personalities and family created an understanding that meant we could have lots of fun sourcing pieces that echoed the curves of the architecture and the constant panorama of the native landscape. The Hommes Studio console in the primary bedroom is the perfect example of a piece that connects with so many different elements and, alongside the clients collections of ceramics, remains a touchstone of the homes lustre.

~ Simone

Fenwick House articulates the wonderful propensity for interior decoration to forge personal connections. Through an approach that considers each space — its essence; its effect on the spaces that precede and follow on from it; and its impact on the overall home — an unfolding story has been coaxed with all narrative threads leading to the large kitchen and dining area. The part of the home where the whole family comes together over the rituals and idiosyncrasies that, in tandem with aesthetically alluring and indulgently comfortable Spisiolini dining chairs by Fogia, see the family while away the hours over food, wine, conversation and games of rummy that lead well into the night.

I love being at home, pottering around. I’d never leave if it was possible. It was a once in a lifetime experience to work with Simone on our little patch of earth and I’m pretty blown away when I walk into the house to be honest. I sometimes can’t believe it’s mine.”

~ Client

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