Pearlescent light. Like the inside of an oyster shell. Softly luminous. Harbouring the quietude of early morning and the hushed rituals invoked by hand-formed ceramics. Shadows move gently. The cinematic play of bird-like forms. Both static and fluid as they keep time, which tracks across honed surface textures rendered in the artistry of nature’s fine grain. 

Dawn tones. When the sun hasn’t yet gathered its full strength. Gently lacquering a world of washi paper and clay, loom, linen and brushed gold. Noble surface textures meeting in precise junctures. Into this distilled narrative. 

Movement is coaxed through softly muted rooms. In between time and in between trend a contemplative fluidity rests in the tonal cast of cool grey and the warmth of sand-hued striations. A sanctuary has been shaped. Rinsed of the sharpness of the outside world defined by edited volumes painted in gentle brushstrokes to orchestrate living patterns that come in ebbs and flows culminating in a home of graceful poise.

"It was such a success to have hired Simone Haag and her brilliant design team, Cindy, Ellie, and Olivia. I remember during our first meeting, Simone was super warm and clear regarding the process, which gave us a feeling of confidence. 

It was difficult for us being in Hong Kong to truly understand how we wanted to design our family home. Gradually, we were seeing the style and colour emerge, giving shape to our dream. 

Our family fully trusts the style, taste and professionalism of Simone and her team. When we moved in last November, we were really amazed, everything was incredible, full of charm and style. Everyone who has come to our home asks about our interior designer. Our family is very grateful and would recommend Simone Haag without a doubt." 

~ Client

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