With collectible art as the axis upon which everything else turns, Spring Street’s decorative language has been formed to balance the strength of iconic pieces against the subtle artistry of others. Adventurous, seasoned clients nurturing a passion for property and travel lent to a project anchored by a deep trust that stems from having worked together multiple times across a myriad of projects.

"Working with repeat clients is a great privilege. It brings with it extra bandwidth for creative experiments, allowing us to make executive decisions on pieces of breathtaking design singularity. This becomes the magic fairy dust that leads to outstanding outcomes."

~ Simone

Spring Street made manifest the inspirations gleaned from a trip to Paris and Milan by the Simone Haag team that preceded the project’s onset. It provided the perfect opportunity to cultivate a residence distinguished by abiding European sensibilities, which emanate from pieces that are distinctly artisanal and resonantly meticulous in their craftsmanship. The apartment has become an ornamented vessel, a gallery-esque collection of rooms that remain anchored to the principles of home.

"The Simone Haag team worked efficiently and engagingly to achieve an outstanding outcome. They managed to balance the perfect level of communication and autonomy, making decisions and keeping us informed in equal measure. That rare combination only increased an already acknowledged level of trust and led to the creation of a home above and beyond our expectations when we spoke to the team about our brief."

~ Client

    Spring Street’s minimal architecture has been lifted into the realm of artistry through the use of pieces that resurrect age-old craft and all but lost techniques. Through mosaic, intricate glasswork, metal smithing, meticulous carpentry, exquisite applications of materials and the precise composition of form it has emerged as a timeless residence of luxe intrigue.

    "When Simone came to us with the SOLE table by Hannes Peer it was like all the pieces just fell into place. It represents a connection we have with Venice; it captures a design narrative that we love; it was the perfect catalyst for all the other design gestures and facets that came in its wake; and it eloquently establishes our home as ours. It is the perfect embodiment of the relationship we have with Simone and her extraordinary ability to hone in on the essence of her clients."

    ~ Client

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