I lived in Brisbane for 20 years before moving to Melbourne so in coming here I wanted to create a home that had a real Melbourne vibe. The richness of colours and textures in Simone’s work, her capacity to balance the energy of the city with a luxe atmosphere was so captivating to me.”

~ Client

When Helen moved to Melbourne she had the opportunity to buy herself and her three daughters their dream home. The stars aligned when she found Lambeth Avenue, a beautiful residence radiating with Victorian Italianate and Queen Victoria charm. While the exterior of the residence has been meticulously restored to honour the legacy of its era, the interior is a sensitive mediation between a continuation of heritage gestures, the reflection of the inhabitant's patterns of living and a vibrant contemporary ambience. 

“I own my own business and travel a lot so I wanted to channel those real Melbourne qualities as a point of difference between the light and breezy atmosphere of my Queensland home. I love Simone’s gorgeous use of colour and texture. I was so drawn to those qualities. I also wanted to be able to arrive home after a long day and immediately feel enveloped in a luxury that exudes notes of Melbourne’s rich eclecticism.”

~ Client

“Helen was after a home that fostered a real mind shift when she came home from work. One that was the polar opposite of her day-to-day surroundings so we needed to introduce a design scheme that would counterbalance that while instilling a luxe sense of retreat. She also loves to entertain so creating a sophisticated yet characterful environment for that was really important.”

- Simone

    “I love entertaining so I wanted a beautiful dining space where we could enjoy dinner parties that then effortlessly flowed into the more informal atmosphere of the living room. We recently had the after-party celebration for my boyfriend’s birthday at home and so many people thought the house was just incredible!”

    - Client

    Into a canvas of cool grey walls and restored timber flooring, Simone Haag has dovetailed a tertiary palette of warm tones and evocative textures. Helen’s request for luscious carpets and a luxurious hotel feel in the bedroom has been delivered through a combination of bespoke pieces, design-led accents and striking natural expressions. And, in keeping with the patterns of living, each room has been considerately curated to reflect the rituals and personal style of those who live there.

    “It sounds cliched but if I had to choose my favourite furniture or lighting piece, object or artwork I couldn’t. I honestly love them all. I love the front room. When my daughters are home, watching TV with their friends, I’ll often retreat to that front room and sink into the Daniel Boddam sofa, in front of the fireplace if it's cold, and relax in the room's cosiness. If I'm completely honest though, my favourite part of the whole house is the bedroom. Life’s hectic, I have 60 employees and I’m a single mum, so when I lie in bed in the morning, drinking my coffee and looking at the stunning Richard Dunlop painting, I get a beautifully calm moment to ready myself for the day.” 

    - Client

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