We delight in working with repeat clients. We draw on valuable and intimate insights from past interactions and continue to build on well established, mutual trust. We had previously collaborated with our clients, a young entrepreneurial couple, on the interior fitout of their home. On this occasion, they commissioned us to style the interiors of their Tom Robertson-designed, bed and breakfast; located in rural Red Hill, Victoria.

Simone lent such a unique vision to our own house so once Bassano had been built, we knew that we couldn't achieve an impactful outcome without her on our team.

~ Eliza Bemelen (client)

With its vernacular-inspired pitched roof, exposed trusses, minimal interior and rural country location, the client was determined to avoid a predictably contemporary or countryfied aesthetic. Fortunately they gave us carte blanche to dream up a scheme that would surprise and delight them. Their only stipulation was that the pieces needed to be functional, robust and to collectively create a welcoming feel.          

We specifically avoided giving Simone any particular direction, because we just didnt want to interfere with her incredible instincts or creative flow.

~ Eliza

The property, although small in scale, is particularly striking. Built by the client, and with great attention to detail, the interiors features custom steel joinery, a hand-poured concrete bath and impeccable detailing. Having named the property Bassano, after the Italian village in which one of the client’s grandparents had been raised, we pitched a scheme defined by a number of Italian vintage elements that would be meaningful, pragmatic and inviting.

Simone sourced so many unique pieces. She really knows their history, which was  fascinating learning experience for us. The stereo is one of our favourite items because it references a Slim Aarons print in our house. Stories like that are what makes the space so individual and particular to us!

~ Eliza

In addition to the iconic Brionvega stereo reproduction, we sourced a number of unique vintage Italian light fixtures including a wall fitting by master designer Vico Magistretti. The inherent masculinity of the space has been softened by pieces like the Mulberry bark washi paper Twentytwentyone Hotaru Marker Pendant and an exceptionally comfortable black velvet vintage Italian sofa.

Bassano feels like an eclectic gallery space that is interesting but also welcoming. I feel lucky to have worked with Simone and the team. We really feel like we have forged a design team with longevity.

~ Eliza

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