25 Feb 2015


Today I am loving Inga Sempe's Pinorama modular aluminium bulletin board for Hay. x

20 Feb 2015

VL Love

Thank you Vogue Living for naming my instagram page one of the Top 25 to follow.  Follow link here to see some of the other pages you need to be following x

1 Feb 2015

Pepe Mirror

Today I am loving these marble 'Pepe' mirrors by Danish powerhouse Menu. x

19 Jan 2015

Thanks Pinterest

A beautiful shot courtesy of Pinterest.
A lovely reader tells me it is Mark Borthwick's Brooklyn home photographed by Mark C.O Flaherty (Thanks Jo). x

15 Jan 2015

7 Jan 2015


Today I am loving (and dreaming about for the beach house I don't own) this new range from Dunlin home. Dunlin are the exclusive stockist of this range by Danish architect Ole Knudsen. x

3 Jan 2015

Aztec Round Towel

Today (on a scorcher of a day!) I am loving this Aztec round beach towel available from The Woodsfolk. x