Simone Haag

Dylan James

Our project at Broadway residence was a one room wonder. It was focused around being ‘The Good Room’; a room which had grand plans to be a space for chess, piano and reading; however it was rarely used - until the Simone Haag team stepped in.

The heritage features and vibrant wallpaper were there to begin with, and set the tone for a rich colour palette and whimsy in spades.

By bringing in elements from the 70’s, such as the Ligne Roset togo and combining them with contemporary pieces such as the Tacchini Face to Face, the space became multi layered, conversational and just a little bit quirky. 

"Simone and the team pulled all this together seemingly effortlessly, even managing to incorporate the sofa I’ve desired for years, creating a space that is stylish, comfortable and fun, perfectly suited to our large, fun and busy family. We use the room so much more now, for music, for quietly hanging out, playing chess by the window, or jumping on the furniture. I think my favourite piece is the custom rug that Simone designed, in black with a graphical bronze pattern, that really grounds the whole space and brings all the beautiful elements together."

~ Sarah Black

"This room presented not only a decorating challenge, but was difficult to enjoy due to its size and awkward layout. It clearly seemed to need two seating zones, but that seemed difficult to achieve without the space feeling cramped. I was convinced I didn’t need any help styling but looked to the team  to bring their styling magic."

~ Sarah Black