Ewert Leaf

Simone Haag Team

Dylan James

We applaud women who defy stereotypes and we were thrilled to work for a fourth time with the dynamic developer, Georgina Goldsworthy. We enjoy the challenge of a display suite because, in the absence of a ‘client’; we still aim to create as much personality in the space as the confines of the brief will allow. Our intention as part of this collaboration, was to honour the interior spaces designed by Ewert Leaf and to layer complimentary objects, art and curvaceous forms into the textured and tonal spaces. We added our signature into the space by selecting unexpected graphic fabric choices in the hope of  instilling confidence in the purchaser to do the same.

"Being our fourth project together; a brief wasnt necessary. Simone knew what I wanted - not another main stream display suite - and I trust her to deliver. The result is gorgeous. Unexpected luxury, bold enough to ignite peoples interest but not too confronting. It has that homely feel, that makes you want to linger and wont be easily forgotten.

Simone is a delight to work with. Super calm amongst what must be chaos. I love that she challenges me to be brave and I am always pleasantly surprised by the outcome. She sources the most beautifully shaped pieces and interesting fabrics and ties them all together with class and flair."

~ Georgina Goldsworthy