Neil Architecture 

Team Simone Haag 

Eckersley Garden Architecture

Tom Blachford 

2023 AIDA 
Shortlisted - Residential Decoration 
Shortlisted - Residential Design

Shortlisted and Commendation - Colour
Shortlisted and finalist - Residential Interior Curation

Weeroona House embodies the whims, rituals and stories of its residents. Engaged to bring decorative elements which respond to a new architectural intervention by Neil Architecture,  Simone Haag studio was also integral to the curation of furniture, artwork and objects. The outcome introduces memory and meaning to strike a delicate balance with classic Federation details and impart an elegant modernity which fills the home with an engaging gravitas. Through the cathartic selection of pieces that resonate with the family that lives among them, the home has slipped into into the realm of nostalgia, relevance and sensorial allure.

Divided into two distinct volumes, Weeroona House is a cohesive sum of its parts. The original front section homages the homes genesis where tokens of Queen Anne details find kinship with eclectic contemporary and vintage pieces, each selected for its individual synergy as well as its capacity to seek and find similarities in tone, texture, form and composition in nearby elements. Deep cyan colour ways are fluid extensions of fragments of colour in an impressive artwork titled ‘Banksia Symphony’ by Kate Elsey in the study; vintage objects with historic meaning spark retrospective conversation while contemporary pieces become places to recline, rest your drink, place your cigar while hearing stories of those meanings.

At the rear, a new contemporary addition by Neil Architecture is a vessel for future memory-making. A wide-open, light-drenched living and kitchen space is a juxtaposition to the front volumes moody atmosphere and a place where the family can tome together. Brimming with warmth and light, the space is defined by an iconic Camaleonda sofa in tones of amethyst which subtly picks up on stone shot through with mauve veins which reoccurs throughout the home.

Weeroona House dovetails a gallery experience with the undeniable notion of home, leaning into bold expression at the front and rear while everything in between is a gentle coalescence of myriad eras and styles to cultivate intriguing authenticity. 

"I didn’t think we needed Simone until we saw how good she was! I was sceptical, knowing that what we were wanting for our home was quite abstract and translating that was going to take broad antipodean knowledge and strong intuition. We knew we wanted interesting pieces that were a bit eclectic and bespoke in nature. We are a bit out there and wanted to be challenged. We didn’t want boring sofas, and we were keen to match vintage pieces carrying history and meaning with modern pieces and were guided almost entirely by Simone on what that would look like. The outcome felt very personalised which is testament to Simone’s ability to listen, translate, communicate and ultimately deliver on the overarching atmosphere in a way that we didn’t ever imagine. The way she used rooms we would never have been able to think of."

~ Client