poynton house

Simone Haag’s Melbourne house is the result of not one, but two renovations. Working with Kennedy Nolan, Simone and her husband Rhys modified their Mid-Century Modernist home to accomodate their growing family. This renovation allowed Simone an opportunity to re-decorate her home and the ability to re-establish the design aesthetic she surrounded herself with.

I see myself as an ‘arranger of things,’ and I work intuitively,” says the designer. “I always have feelings about what, where, and how things should go. I sense what works and what doesn’t, and I’m not afraid to let a bit of serendipity come into play.
— Simone Haag

A shift to vintage pieces became evident along with the insertion of custom joinery, collected artworks and objects, all whilst maintaining the original feeling of the home. Special thanks to Design Orr Build and SR&O.

Shortlist - 2019 Australian Interior Design Awards - Residential Decoration
Shortlist - 2019 The Design Files Awards - Interior Design

Click here to join Lucy Glade-Wright from Hunting for George on her Home Tour inside House Poynton.