Pettigrew House

Melbourne modernist architect Robin Boyd’s first completed the Pettigrew home in 1946 - It was built over three decades in three stages, and has now found its new custodians, a young family who have honoured the Boyd legacy. Having worked with the homeowners on a past project, the Simone Haag team were appointed to assist with Furnishings, in collaboration with Flack Studio who led a respectful yet contemporary remodel of this historic house.

Such a pleasure engaging with Simone Haag and her team from the outset of purchasing our family home. Having admired Simone’s work for many years and having developed a well respected relationship on a previous project, it was non-negotiable that Simone was to play an integral role in this journey.
— Sharon & Glen Robinson

Pettigrew house has been shorted listed in the 2019 IDEA Awards for the Residential Design Category for Flack Studio and the Residential Decoration Category for Flack Studio X Simone Haag.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Derek Swallwell

STYLING: Flack studio / sarah shinners